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Paid 2022 Members can participate in the following upcoming activities…

Paid 2022 Members can participate in the following upcoming activities… SUBMIT your name as a candidate for the Board Elections VOTE for the upcoming vacant Board positions ATTEND the upcoming CLIA Annual Meeting  Step one:  If…

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Breaking News!

DNR to hire 200 paid Summer Interns for 2022 Click here to find out.

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Membership and Algae Permits Update

HOW DID WE DO? Thank you to all of you who returned the signed permits and paid your dues.  Here is the latest statistics on the January results: Signed Permits = 110 – 60% Dues…

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Join the CLIA Board!

Every year we welcome three (3) new members to the Board while three (3) retire.  NOW is your chance to submit your application to be on the CLIA board.  Here is what you need to…

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URGENT! Lake Residents, Please return your signed permit and due ASAP

Time for new algae permits to be signed and membership dues to be paid.  It is URGENT that we receive the signed permits as soon as possible to set the stage for our summer 2022 plans.  Our…

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CLIA Seeking New Board Members

It’s time again to start thinking about new Board candidates.  Every year three (3) Board member terms end and 3 new Board members are elected.  The election happens in April but we can start taking…

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