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Open CLIA Board Positions

It’s time again to start thinking about new Board candidates.  Every year three (3) Board member terms end and 3 new Board members are elected.  The election happens in April but we can start taking…

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Annual Mailing Coming in December

That time of year is almost here again!  In late December all CLIA households will receive a letter containing important items needing your attention.  Please: 1) sign and return the enclosed algae permit.  If our association…

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CLIA Planning Survey

  Thank you to all who responded to the CLIA planning survey from late summer/fall.  We had 54 responses, or 30%. Many took the time for very thoughtful and insightful comments.  The CLIA Board is…

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Walleye Fingerlings Delivered

On October 30, CLIA board member Bob Johnston was present at the boat launch to witness West Central Bait deliver about three thousand walleye fingerlings into Crystal Lake.  We look forward to them maturing into…

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When you rake your leaves into the lake or the street, they create more muck and algae?

That’s right!  You are not helping the lake environment if you rake your leaves into the street or the lake.  PLEASE take care of our lake and find other methods to dispose of your leaves.  …

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Inspect Your Lifts, Docks and Watercraft

As you take your docks, lifts, and watercraft out of the lake for the fall, now is the perfect time to inspect your equipment for invasive species.  The DNR reminds us that Minnesota law requires docks…

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