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Fish Stocking Update

The DNR will be stocking 288 fingerling tiger muskies later this year.  The CLIA will be stocking 135 lbs. of fingerling walleyes this fall.  Exact dates will be announced later this summer.

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City of Burnsville NEWS for Crystal Lake

The City of Burnsville had about 15 homes request weed pick-ups following the harvesting.  They plan to use the same pick-up process in the future.   There have been concerns expressed about whether the new water…

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4th of July Boat Parade. And the winners is……….

  Congratulations to the winners of the 4th of July Boat Parade, hosted by Dave Smith and judged by a panel of experts!  Winners were chosen based on enthusiasm, patriotism and creativity. 1st Place ($50…

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4th of July Boat Parade

The CLIA is happy to sponsor the 4th of July boat parade, which will take place at 6:00pm.  Always a fun and funny event! For more details check out the event description by clicking here.  

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Why storm drains are important?

Storm drains around the lake can sometimes be clogged with leaves and other debris which can contribute to pollution of the lake.  In addition, if shrubs, hedges, etc. extend too far from one’s property into…

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City of Burnsville Weed Pick-up Program

The City of Burnsville has generously agreed to pick up weeds you gather from your shoreline following the harvesting completion.  Here is what you need to know: * It will be a one-time pick-up on…

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