Boating Rules

For more information, visit the Official Minnesota DNR Boating and water recreation regulations

General Boating and Lake Usage Rules

  • Counter clockwise travel required when travelling faster than slow no-wake speed.
  • 40 MPH speed limit from 9:00 am to sunset.
  • 15 MPH speed limit sunset to 9:00 am.
  • Slow no-wake speed in Maple Island Bay and Buck Hill Bay.
  • Slow no-wake speed on entire lake when water elevation reaches 934.0 feet.
  • No waterskiing/wakeboarding/wakesurfing in slow no-wake zones.
  • Water trampolines and rafts require registration with Dakota County Sheriff Department.

Map showing direction of proper boat traffic

Minnesota Personal Watercraft Laws

  • May ONLY operate between 9:30am and one hour before sunset.
  • Must travel at slow/no-wake speed (5 mph or less) within 150 feet of shore.
  • Must have an additional person on board to observe when towing a person on water skis or other device.
  • Requires life jackets to be worn by children less than 10 years of age when aboard watercraft in Minnesota when the craft is under way (not tied up at a dock or permanent mooring).
  • No one under the age of 13 may operate a personal watercraft.
  • Persons 13 to 17 years old must either have someone at least 21 years old on board or a watercraft operators permit.