About Us

Learn more about the CLIA and their lake improvement initiatives

Our Mission Statement:

To improve the water quality, value and enjoyment of living on Crystal Lake by engaging the resources of our community and beyond in pursuit of responsible solutions to our members’ stated concerns. 

What Does the CLIA Do?

  • Assist in development of the Water Quality Management Strategy with the Black Dog Watershed Management Organization.
  • Represent lake water quality interests with the City of Burnsville, Black Dog Watershed Commission and other government entities.
  • Algae treatments when deemed necessary.
  • Educate members on water quality issues.
  • Annual association meeting in the spring.
  • Annual spring clean up and picnic in May.
  • Annual July 4th social and boat parade.
  • Annual fall picnic social in late September.
  • Design and update the CLIA website
  • Keep members informed with email blasts and mailings
Meet the CLIA Board Members

How Can I Help the CLIA?

  • Volunteer for a Committee ~ Get involved!
  • Run for a Board position ~ 3 positions will be up for election every year in May giving all members an opportunity to serve the CLIA.
  • Rake leaves from the storm sewer drains.
  • Pick up lakeshore weeds and debris.
  • Reduce the use of phosphorous materials.
  • Install rain gardens and landscape buffers.
  • Check for Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels.
  • Help enforce boating and swimming rules ~ If you see someone boating the wrong way around the lake, please inform them! If you see swimmers on the way to or from the island, remind them it is against the law!
  • Stay informed ~ Check the CLIA web site often and write to the Board any time you have a question or concern at: [email protected]
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