Pik-Nik Island – Letter from the City of Burnsville

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
1 year ago | January 18, 2023

By now you should have received a letter from the City of Burnsville about their plans for Pik-Nik Island.  We’d like to resend this message to you to ensure as many lake homeowners as possible are aware of these plans.
January 17, 2023

Dear Neighbor:      
In the next few weeks, the City of Burnsville will begin some environmental maintenance on Crystal Lake’s Pik-Nik Island. The winter season provides a great opportunity for us to drive across the lake to care for the island’s natural habitat.
During our regular assessments of the island, we have noted trees that are dead, dying or diseased – namely due to an Emerald Ash Borer infestation. We have also found some invasive trees and shrubs such as buckthorn, honeysuckle and European alder. This vegetation needs to be removed to protect the health of the island.
In order to be proactive in our conservation efforts, the City has hired Perfect Tree and Landscape to remove the unhealthy and invasive trees and shrubs. Perfect Tree and Landscape will bring the removed vegetation to Crystal Lake Beach, and will haul everything to the City’s compost site. Healthy, native trees and shrubs will be preserved, and left to grow and thrive.
The removal of unhealthy trees and shrubs will also create better shore-to-island visibility for the island’s visitors and surrounding neighborhoods. The change in visibility means that you may notice that the landscape of the island looks a bit different once work is completed, but those changes will bring many benefits to the natural environment of the island.
Work will begin in late January or early February, and is expected to take a week to complete. Your property will not be affected, but you may hear the sounds of large vehicles and tree removal. You may also notice large vehicles at Crystal Lake Beach. If you use an ice house on the lake, please do not place it between the island and the beach while work is being completed.
Thank you for choosing to call Burnsville home.
Brian Ulvin
City Forester