URGENT! Lake residents, please return your signed permit and membership dues ASAP

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
2 months ago | January 18, 2023

Time for new algae permits to be signed and membership dues to be paid.  It is URGENT that we receive the signed permits as soon as possible to set the stage for our summer 2022 plans.  Our vendor needs everything in their hands by January 27 – which means we need it from YOU ASAP!

Your signed permit handles the general lake treatment handled by the CLIA.* You will have everything you need to know in the mailing.  Your prompt attention will be appreciated by the CLIA Board and your fellow lake residents, since we cannot treat our lake without a signed form from at least 51% of our residents

If you did NOT receive the mailing, please reply to this email and we will get you the forms ASAP.

There are two things to return:
  • The signed permit.
  • Your CLIA dues and updated contact form.
A self-addressed, stamped envelope was included for your convenience.

*NOTE:  This does not take care of any algae or weed treatment you may want for your shoreline.  That is handled by you and, if appropriate, the vendor you choose.  You will need to sign another permit for this treatment.