Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting
October 4, 2022 – 7pm

Present: Brian Carlson, Brooke Fox, Bob Johnston, Paul Hillmer, Cheryl Leitschuh, Mike
Robole, Jeannine Currie
Absent: Tom Harmening, Dave Perron

• Meeting called to order at 7:02 (Brian)
• Committee Updates & Ongoing Business
• Governance (Brian/Cheryl/Tom/Bob)
o Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes -unanimously approved
o Treasurer’s report – unanimously approved
▪ Website issue/security: Cheryl reviewed a proposal to increase the
budget for website hosting and security from $244 to $300/yr which was
unanimously approved
▪ Cheryl provided copies of the draft 2023 dues letter and requests
comments from board members before the next meeting
• Neighborhood updates & member feedback
o In response to a member question, Brian researched and determined that the
CLIA does not have authority to intervene in disputes about dock placement. It
was noted that if lake levels stay down into next summer, dock placement will
get more challenging so residents are encouraged to work together to find
solutions that don’t harm access for anyone
▪ New houses up for sale/sold
o 9981 Oak Shore
o 309 Maple Island Road (new listing)
• Upcoming Calendar Updates (Jeannine)
▪ DRN Muskie stocking occurred on October 7th
▪ Walleye stocking will occur later in October but no definitive date yet
▪ Potential migration of directory from paper to digital (see below)
• External Relations (Tom)
▪ The meeting with Daryl Jacobson and Blue Water Science regarding
milfoil has not been set yet so will be scheduled soon
▪ No updates yet from city staff about removing vegetation from Picnic
Island. Tom to follow up
▪ Bob reviewed the lake level graph that was included in the fact sheet for
the new outlet. The graph appears to show that the old outlet may have
been keeping the lake above the target level set by the DNR for several
years (likely due to plugging of the structure). Given ongoing comments
from lake residents about possible contribution of the outlet change to
low lake levels, it was decided that Tom and Bob should meet with Daryl
Jacobsen again to review the data and gain additional clarifications.
• Communications (Jeannine/Tom/Paul)
▪ Directory discussion – Jeannine has conducted informal surveying of lake
residents and found strong support for converting from a paper-based
directory to a digital format. This would be a significant undertaking so it
was decided that Jeannine should lead a subcommittee consisting of
herself, Mike, Cheryl, and Brooke to work through details and prepare a
proposal for the board.
▪ Newsletter items to include park cleanup and picnic review and seasonal
information about keeping leaves and yard waste out of the lake
• Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants (Mike/Dave/Paul) – see discussion above for
pending meeting to review lake survey and any potential future Milfoil treatment
• Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals (Bob/Dave)- See discussion above for fish stocking
• Social (Brooke/Jeannine)
▪ The picnic was a success with many positive comments – 75 attendees
▪ The second CLIA park cleanup was completed on October 1st
• New business & topics for future meetings (Brian) – Lake levels and Eurasian Milfoil as
noted above
• Motion to adjourn at 8:25 unanimously approved