Minutes, Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

Meeting location:  Lakeview Bank Stairway

Present:  Brian Carlson, Jeannine Currie, Paul Hillmer, Jay Jenkins, Keith Kaestner, Cheryl Leitschuh, Mike Robole,

Absent: Colleen Nagel, Dave Smith


  • Meeting called to order – 7:05
  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

o    Governance 

  • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – Minutes passed unanimously
  • Treasurer’s report & vote – Nothing new
  • How best to keep the member list – discussed, no new action
  • Neighborhood updates & member feedback, etc. – Nothing new

o    Upcoming Calendar Updates – Jeannine – December is a time we start our conversations with the City of Burnsville; January will commence the time we reach out to homeowners to get 51% participation for weed treatment.

o    External Relations – Brian – No new contacts.  He will email Burnsville staff for updates.

o    Communications – Cheryl asked for suggestions of what to put in the November newsletter. 

o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants – Keith says he will call a meeting in December

o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – Nothing new.

o    Social – Last clean-up day went well, but few were in attendance.

  • New business & topics for future meetings
    • Discuss and vote on a dues increase to fund fish stocking and/or weed rebate – Discussion points: If we don’t reinstate the weed rebate, we still can’t afford fish stocking if we wait until the annual meeting to put the question of an increase before members. Perhaps don’t emphasize the weed rebate quite so much. Focus more on algae control and fish stocking. Raising the dues to $65 would allow us to take care of these two areas.  We already “took the bullet” in stopping the rebate; let’s not resume it.
    • Motion, second – No weed rebate – Passed unanimously.
    • Motion to raise dues to $70 – Seconded, vote – Passed unanimously
    • Membership List Management and Maintenance – Tabled until December. Keith does not believe the Treasurer should be in charge of the membership list. Dave and others suggested the Governance Committee should take this on.
    • Other items from previous meetings – Keith: If one leaves the board, one should make a good faith effort to find someone in the same neighborhood to replace him/her. Jay replied he has been trying for a year with no success.
    • Cheryl – January mailing is coming up. Last year Dave took care of it.  Keith:  Keith and Dave will handle it this year.
  • Motion to adjourn – Adjourned at 7:52