Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting
November 1st 2022 – 7pm

Present: Brian Carlson, Bob Johnston, Cheryl Leitschuh, Dave Perron, Mike Robole, Brooke
Absent: Tom Harmening, Jeannine Currie, Paul Hillmer

• Meeting called to order at 7:04pm (Brian)
• Committee Updates & Ongoing Business
• Governance (Brian/Cheryl/Tom/Bob)
• Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes -unanimously approved
• Treasurer’s report -unanimously approved
• Budget for 2023 (Cheryl)
Cheryl reviewed the proposed 2023 budget and highlighted a $1245 deficit if
spending is the same as 2022 and no additional dues revenue is collected. After
discussion, a motion was presented by Cheryl and unanimously approved to
keep dues at the current level of $70/yr. and to solicit advertising on the CLIA
website at a rate of $100/yr. It was felt that this would easily make up the
deficit and create a balanced budget. Mike Robole and Brooke Fox will work
together to develop a process for soliciting advertisers and creating criteria for
review and acceptance by the board.
• Permit letter – Cheryl reviewed the draft letter to lake residents asking for:
signature of algae permit, collection of dues, and updating of contact
information. Enhancements were agreed upon to separate the algae permit
and contact information into two forms and modify the cover letter to condense
the information and clarify key issues in the opening paragraph.
• Brian informed board members that, if a contract is required for services the
contract must be board approved and signed by the president prior to agreeing
to the services
• Neighborhood updates & member feedback – All
• New houses up for sale/sold
o New listing at 309 Maple Island Road
• News Letter Follow up – New newsletter items to include an update on walleye
stocking, changes to the CLIA website, solicitation of new board members to
replace outgoing members reaching the end of their term, and a highlight of
information that will be requested in the annual letter to residents. It was
agreed that inclusion of CLIA member names with the newsletter would be
suspended until the annual letter is sent out and consent and updates are
• Upcoming Calendar Updates – See discussion about the annual letter above
• External Relations (Tom) – A meeting is scheduled for November 7th with City of
Burnsville staff and a Bluewater Science representative to discuss the annual aquatic
plant survey results and continue discussions about lake levels
• Communications – See discussion in Newsletter section above
• Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants (Mike/Dave/Paul) – No new updates
• Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals -Dave reported that the planned stocking of 135 lbs. of
walleye fingerlings (approximately 3000 fish) occurred on October 24th. Semi-annual
stocking of muskie fingerlings by the DNR occurred earlier in October.
• Social (Brooke/Jeannine)
o A Board sub-group consisting of Jeanine, Mike, Cheryl, Brooke and Brian met,
formulated a strategy and proposed the following motion for the CLIA directory
going forward:
▪ The directory will become digital, will be published as a pdf and
accessed through a password protected page (password to be updated
annually). The motion was approved unanimously.
o Future potential enhancements identified by the sub-group include the ability
for residents to update their own personal information and pay dues
• New business & topics for future meetings (Brian)
o Brian noted that three board members will be reaching the end of their term this year
and asked for help in identifying potential new candidates.
• Other items from previous meetings (Brian)
o None noted
• Motion to adjourn at 8:43 unanimously approved