Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

April 6, 2022 – 7pm 



  • Meeting called to order
  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

o    Governance 

     1) Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote

     2)  Treasurer’s report & vote

o    Introduction of New Board Members

o    Election of Officers and Committee Assignments

o    Transfer of Keys, Banking Info and G Drive Digital Approvals

     1) Neighborhood updates & member feedback – All

     2) New houses up for sale/sold

     3) New feedback?

o    Upcoming Calendar Updates 

o    External Relations 

o    Communications

o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants

     1) Follow up discussion on algae contract and contractors if any

     2) DNR invasive species discussion and path forward – Brian and Mike 

     3) EWM milfoil contract review

o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals 

o    Social 

  • New business & topics for future meetings
    • Other items from previous meetings
  • Motion to adjourn