Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

March 07th 2023 – 7pm 

Meeting Minutes

Present: Brian Carlson, Bob Johnston, Cheryl Leitschuh, Jeannine Currie, Dave Perron, Mike Robole, Paul Hillmer 

Absent: Tom Harmening, Brooke Fox 

  • Meeting called to order (Brian) 7:03pm


  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business
  • Governance (Brian/Cheryl/Tom/Bob)
  • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes unanimously approved
  • Treasurer’s report unanimously approved
  • Neighborhood updates & member feedback – nothing new noted
  • New houses up for sale/sold
    • 309 Maple Island Road sold in February
    • 9981 Oak Shore Drive is back on the market


  • Board elections:
    • To date, there are not 3 confirmed candidates for the board openings.  Board members were encouraged to continue to make contacts and solicit interest


  • Annual meeting
    • A dry run presentation will occur at the April 4th board meeting in preparation for the April 11th annual meeting


  • External Relations
    • A meeting is scheduled for March 7th with City of Burnsville Natural Resources Manager Daryl Jacobson to continue discussions about low lake levels and any impact the new outlet may have had


  • Communications
    • Reminder of the annual meeting to be included in the next newsletter


  • Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants
    • Midwest Aqua Care will service the lake and is available for residents to hire for individual shoreline treatment
    • Mike reported that signed algae treatment permits have been sent to Lake Restoration for inclusion in the permit application to the DNR.  Mike will be applying for a grant to offset a portion of the algae treatments for 2023


  • Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – No updates


  • Social – The first park cleanup of the year will occur on May 6th


  • New business & topics for future meetings -none noted


  • Other items from previous meetings
  • Mike Robole reported that he had established a link to the lake resident directory (pdf file) on the CLIA website.  An email will be sent to all paid members to provide the password to open the directory and allow access


  • Meeting adjourned at 7:58pm