Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting – 6/8/22
Present: Brian Carlson, Paul Hillmer, Brooke Fox, Bob Johnston, Dave Perron, Mike Robole, Tom Harmening
Absent: Cheryl Leitschuh, Jeannine Currie
• Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm
• Committee Updates & Ongoing Business
o Governance
▪ Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – unanimously approved
▪ Treasurer’s report & vote -unanimously approved
• Cheryl is creating a “transition” guide for key items like bank account process, mailbox,
with key info needed for new board and leadership
• A debit card will be used for recurring payments (website, hosting, security)
• Update on the tracking of member info -Cheryl is auditing the lake association
membership database and will update as needed with current information
• Vote to approve the continued purchase of the Error and Omissions Policy for the Board
– unanimously approved
▪ Drive audit / ownership – A motion was made to update ownership of folders/information and
enhance security in the google drive (folders will be created and “owned” by the Association vs
individuals and read/write access to finance information will be limited to the Treasurer and
President) – unanimously approved
▪ Motion presented to move Board meetings to Tuesdays starting in August – unanimously
▪ Neighborhood updates & member feedback
▪ New houses up for sale/sold – 1404 Bluebill Bay Road sold shortly after listing
o Upcoming Calendar Updates
▪ Lake cleanup event Saturday 6/11/22 from 9:00-11:00 am. Meet at Crystal Beach Park
o External Relations
▪ Weed harvest update: Weed harvesting expected to occur June 9-15 and algae treatments are
expected the week of June 20th
▪ A lake survey by Blue Water Science will determine the need for additional treatments later in
the year
▪ A $10,000 grant application has been filed for treatment of Eurasian Milfoil. The grant would
provide 50% matching funds (balance by CLIA) if the decision is made to treat for Milfoil based
on the survey and Board vote
o Communications
▪ Website committee updates (Brian/Mike)
• Page needs updating or removal
o Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants – see above discussion
o Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals
▪ Dave and Bob met with a DNR fisheries representative regarding fish stocking efforts. The DNR
will be stocking Muskie fingerlings this fall. DNR is also supportive of the CLIA stocking walleye
since the 2021 fish survey indicated that past walleye stocking by CLIA had been successful
▪ Quotes have been obtained for walleye fingerlings and a motion to allow budgeted funds to be
released for stocking in the fall was unanimously approved
o Social
▪ Brooke noted that a website could be used for residents to “own” storm
drains in their area and keep them clear of pollutants that could harm the lake.
▪ Dave noted some areas where tree growth extending past the curb seemed to be preventing
street sweepers from clearing debris. This information and the adopt-a-drain were agreed to be
included in the CLIA newsletter
▪ 4th of July boat parade is scheduled for 5:00pm
• Motion to adjourn 8:23pm unanimously approved
Minutes respectfully submitted on 6/9/22 – Bob Johnston, Secretary