Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2023 – 7:30pm 

Present: Bob Johnston, Dave Perron, Mike Robole, Brooke Fox, Ted Lukan, Janet McGrath Mullin,

Mike Ouverson, Paul Hillmer

Absent: Tom Harmening


  • Meeting called to order at 7:31pm


  • Governance 
    • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes – unanimously approved
    • Treasurer’s report – unanimously approved. Motion unanimously approved to help make up for budget shortfall to invest portion of surplus in interest bearing CD’s. Unanimously approved to place $30,000 in 1 Year 4% CD and $10,000 in 3 month CD (renewable in the future) at current bank. Control of CD’s resides with whoever fills the role of Treasurer/President.  Note: Conclusion of year 2 of 3 for fish stocking will put less pressure on the future budget
    • Motion unanimously approved to renew current insurance policy



  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business


  • Neighborhood updates & member feedback


  • New houses up for sale/sold
    • 9981 Oak Shore Sold
    • 325 Maple Island Road Sold
    • 373 Maple Island Road $875,
    • 321 Maple Island Road $1.6
    • 1013 Crystal Lake Road E $1.2
    • 1001 Crystal Lake Road $1.1


  • New feedback
    • 2 residents voiced concerns about low water level, to be answered on a one-by-one basis that the outlet project and lake levels has been extensively discussed with the city and their position is that the project did not change the level of the outlet and the DNR would not be open to modify the target level of the lake due to flooding concerns
    • Some companies that pull weeds by the roots are leaving weeds, reminder to make sure they responsibly handle weed removal – reminder in newsletter
    • Some jet skis not following hours of operation – reminder in newsletter


  • External Relations
      • Storm Sewer Outlets –Dave reported on his follow up with the DNR and how they handle accumulated sediment and cleaning. Presented map of outlet locations



  • Communications 
    • Calendar Updates:


        • Algae treatment to occur in June, try to get before and after pictures to demonstrate impact
        • Dave Perron reported weed cutting will be in June and at that time city will provide link to sign up for curbside pickup. Paul will include in newsletter, wait to publish until available
        • November Board Meeting Update Board Manual
        • December File state registration for non-profit. Mike filed for 2023
        • December 2026 file with city for Park Clean up


  • Member survey- Decision to proceed, reviewed possible questions. Dave, Janet and Paul will develop survey
  • Facebook page – Decision to proceed. Use to build community and help with proactive reminding of dates. Name to be something like Crystal Lake Residents and to be restricted to residents. Set up and send to Board to approve and start to populate
  • Directory on web site: Mike will send password to Paul
  • Mike needs headshot photos of 3 new board members to update website


  • Suggested newsletter items:
    • Remind residents to assure weed companies handle weed cleanup
    • Reminder jet ski hours
    • Link for city weed pickup form
    • July 4th Boat parade details same as last year
    • Save the dates -social activity dates: July 8 Clean-up 9-10 and September 17 picnic
    • Directory access password protected


  • Algae, weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants – Mike reported based on analysis results of Blue Water Science survey of aquatic plants/lake conditions Eurasian Milfoil treatment will not be needed. Small pockets but problems not enough to treat and potentially endanger other plants


  • Social
        • The second park cleanup of the year is scheduled for Saturday July 8 from 9-10am
        • July 4th boat parade will be judged by Dave, Brooke will finalize. Other details are the same as last year
        • Evite for September 17 picnic will be sent late June to help members save the date


  • New business & topics for future meetings:
    • Discuss advertising, sponsorships for picnic, newsletters
    • Next meeting July 11 at 7:30 Dave Perron’s home
    • Schedule Nov meeting to include revising and updating Board Manual (example remove outdated zebra mussel information)
    • September meeting consider ways to increase/simplify dues response. Venmo/Zelle (Bob will look into) credit card, Docusign


  • Other items from previous meetings – none noted


  • Motion to adjourn 8:40pm – unanimously approved


Respectfully submitted,

Janet McGrath Mullin, CLIA Secretary