Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

7 July, 2021

Meeting called to order at 19:02
Meeting location – Brian Carlson’s back yard

Meeting attendees:
Brian Carlson
Jeannine Currie
Paul Hillmer
Jay Jenkins
Keith Kaestner
Cheryl Leitschuh
Colleen Nagle
Mike Robole
David (Dave) Smith

Committee Updates – Ongoing Business

Secretary’s minutes approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report – Keith and Brian – Last 3 years of financial records now on Google Drive in Treasurer’s
Report folder. View Only for board members. Dave, Brian, Keith will meet to determine who will have authority
to make changes and how we will know the changes are validated. Each file will show the last 200 changes.
Three expenditures – Board expenses, web security through Go Daddy, and p.o. box
Board insurance bill comes due every July

Treasurer’s report approved unanimously

Ward updates – Board members discussed recent house sales, activity

Calendar Review – Jeannine distributed the calendar for the coming year. Entering “quiet quarter”
Have not had first lake treatment, may have one in July or August, but difficult to know yet
Waiting on gill net test results, park clean-up to be scheduled.

External Relations – Brian – City’s pick-up went well. Nineteen (19) homes registered.
Goose round-up completed on July 7
Lake Management and DNR permit – Lake Management, who had previously applied for the Eurasian Milfoil
permit for us, now no longer handles operations where money comes from more than one source. Kate, our
former president, is helping Brian work with the DNR to get our permit renewed. Caleb is also helping. The July
survey will tell us how much we need to do. Perhaps none. In November we may start looking for a new vendor.

Communications – Cheryl – Jeannine now handling internal email, Mike is in charge of web site updates,
Cheryl will handle newsletter and email blasts. Topics to include in newsletter were discussed. Had 16-20 boats in
July 4 contest. Winners discussed.

Algae, Weeds, Aquatic Invasive Species – Keith and Brian – City came in and aggressively treated yellow iris, an
invasive species.

Fish and Aquatic Invasive Animals – Jay – Trying to find out from DNR why there were 4 orange buoys with
nets on the lake for 1 day. No sign of any DNR activity. DNR stocked 288 hybrid Muskie fingerlings (which don’t
reproduce) last October. Minimum size of 40 inches, limit 1. We hope DNR will share their stocking plan with us
soon; if not, we will explore a commercial option and assess costs.

Social – Colleen – Planning to schedule a park pick-up – date preferred is August 14. Discussed possibly
skipping picnic this September and have one next June. Also possible we will have a banquet in conjunction with
the annual meeting

New Business
Had previously discussed raising dues to $100 and reinstating the weed subsidy. Dave said he had approximately six
inquiries about the rebate this year. This topic was tabled for later discussion. We discussed the possibility of
sending out a survey to members. Various dynamics related to best serving our constituents were discussed, as well
as constraints on what we are empowered to do
Adjournment unanimously passed at 20:14
Respectfully submitted, 23 July, 2021 – Paul Hillmer, Secretary