Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

February 3, 2022 – 7pm 

  • Meeting called to order – 7:03
  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

   o    Governance 

  • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – none
  • Treasurer’s report & vote – Keith – We should have no problem meeting our budget. Report approved.
  • Neighborhood updates & member feedback – Mary Knox’s house has now sold. Another one a few doors down is also listed for sale.  (Both on the island.)  Also one at 980 Pershing for sale.  Board members should be given materials to provide welcome packs once new neighbors arrive.
  • Dave asked board members rotating out to provide names of potential replacements

   o    Upcoming Calendar Updates.  Need to start thinking about annual meeting (April 12, 13 or 14) and board      elections.  New board orientation meeting first week in May.

   o    External Relations – no updates

   o    Communications – need to follow up on weed and algae comments on returned member forms.  Cheryl will send comments to Dave.  Cheryl took care of membership updates that Dave hadn’t already done.  We discussed what will be covered in the next newsletter. 

   o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants – Brian – Keith’s tasks will rotate to Mike.  Mike & Brian met to select vendor, are recommending we use Lake Restoration.  Board voted to approve the agreement with the provision that the second treatment be optional.  Mike will take lead on grant application for treating Aquatic Invasive Plants.

   o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – no updates.

   o    Social – no updates.  Will start planning for refreshments for annual meeting, first annual clean-up.

  • New business & topics for future meetings
    • Status report on dues, permits and contact info. 74 signed permits, Dave updated all contact info. Keith has already marked whether all members have paid or have said yes or no to permits.  Cheryl has more that Keith gave her.
    • Membership List Management and Maintenance
      • Status Quo?
      • Membership Committee?

After a spirited discussion, Brian and Paul reported they have crafted a statement and will share it before the next meeting.

  • Other items from previous meetings
    • Ice fishing tournament discussion
    • Idea for future newsletter – Dave – Do we have any way in which we can allow items that do not directly relate to board business, such as the ice fishing tournament, to appear in our newsletter? Can we have some kind of disclaimer that makes it clear we are not endorsing the message but are facilitating free speech of lake residents?
  • Motion to adjourn – 8:08