Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting
August 10nd 2022 – 7pm
Present: Brian Carlson, Jeannine Currie, Brooke Fox, Bob Johnston, Dave Perron, Paul Hillmer
Cheryl Leitschuh
Absent: Mike Robole, Tom Harmening,
• Meeting called to order at 7:04

• Committee Updates & Ongoing Business
o Governance (Brian/Cheryl/Tom/Bob)
▪ Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – unanimously approved
▪ Treasurer’s report & vote – unanimously approved
▪ Neighborhood updates & member feedback – All
▪ New houses up for sale/sold- 140 Oak Shore sold
▪ New feedback?
o Upcoming Calendar Updates (Jeannine)
▪ Water quality survey pending – see discussion below
▪ Lake association picnic scheduled for 9/18 – see discussion below
▪ The welcome letter for new residents has been updated and posted in the
shared drive
o External Relations
▪ Brian reported being contacted by a lake resident who suggested that picnic
island be pruned/trimmed to raise up the canopy so the island is more visible.
This is in response to the recent boat jacking, vandalism and partying on the
island. It was suggested that we contact the City to determine whether they
would be willing to do this work. It was further suggested that, if the City is ok
with trimming the foliage but doesn’t have staff resources available, a group of
Board volunteers could possibly take on the project. Tom or Bob to follow up
with Daryl Jacobsen (Burnsville NR Mgr.)
▪ As a follow up action item from the last board meeting, Tom and Bob met with
Daryl Jacobson to discuss lake resident concerns about water levels and the new
outlet structure. Daryl clarified that the outlet had not changed in elevation but
rather was made larger in diameter to allow faster emptying of excess water
during high rainfall or snow melt events. Outlet elevation and target lake level
is set by the DNR and the current target level has been in place since 1970.
Given that the lake only receives water from rainfall events and groundwater,
dry summers will result in lower lake levels and the City has no way to impact
this. Daryl also explained that the City would not be in favor of raising the lake
level due to concerns that it could cause flooding of some properties. Daryl
agreed that more information from the City about the outlet structure and lake
levels was a good idea and committed to the creation of a fact sheet.
o Communications (Jeannine/Tom/Paul)
▪ Newsletter topics for this month – lake level, aqua thrusters
▪ Jeanine reviewed plans to update the CLIA directory early next year. Proposals
to keep the format the same and approve the budget were both unanimously
approved. Bob suggested that additional advertisers could be sought that
would make the directory cost neutral and it was agreed that this should be
o Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants (Mike/Dave/Paul)
▪ Aqua thrusters/ permits/June star trib article- Brian pointed out that aqua
thrusters seem to be increasing in numbers on the lake and that education
about their use, the need for a DNR permit (depending on use) and potential for
harm should be communicated to residents. This was included as a newsletter
item prepared by Paul.
▪ No information was available about the Blue Water Resources survey of the lake
and Dave agreed to follow up with Caleb from the City to inquire. Results of the
survey would determine whether treatment for Eurasian Milfoil should be
conducted. Since it’s getting late in the season, questions were raised about the
appropriate timing of Milfoil treatments. It was agreed that the Weeds and
Aquatic/invasive plant subcommittee should meet to determine the optimal
time of year to treat for Milfoil and create a strategy so that treatment can
occur either later this summer/fall or next year (if advised by the study).
o Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals (Bob/Dave)
▪ Dave will prepare the DNR permit application for stocking of Walleye this fall
and plans to submit it by September 1st
o Social (Brooke/Jeannine)
▪ Brooke reported that the lake association picnic is planned for September 18th
from 4:30-7:30. Proposed budgets for food and prizes were both voted on and
unanimously approved. A proposal to limit the invitation list to CLIA members
was approved (6 yes votes and 1 abstain).
• New business & topics for future meetings (Brian)
• Motion to adjourn at 8:44 unanimously approved