Open CLIA Board Positions

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
8 months ago | November 14, 2023

It’s time again to start thinking about new Board candidates.  Every year three (3) Board member terms end and 3 new Board members are elected.  The election happens in April but we can start taking candidates NOW.

Who can serve on the Board?

Any Crystal Lake Association member.

What does it require to be on the Board?

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Serve on 1-2 committees
  • Communicate with assigned member households
  • Support board activities 

What is the time requirement to be a board member?

  • Monthly board meeting – approximately 2 hours 
  • Addition board work – 1 hour per week – may vary based on seasonality of each committee’s work

How do you apply as a candidate?

  • Provide a brief description of yourself and why you want to serve on the Board.
  • Include a picture.
  • Email to [email protected]