Boats, boats and more boats

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
3 years ago | June 27, 2020

The lake association board members have had several questions from lake owners. 
Let’s see what we can do to answer these questions!

There are boats going the wrong way on the lake.  What can be done?

There has definitely been an increase in boat traffic on the lake.  We know the lake owners know to follow the directional rules for proper use of the lake.  The visitors on our lake may not pay attention to the postings at the landing (ugh).  

What can we do?  The Sheriffs department is responsible for any enforcement of lake rules and regulations.  We have noticed an increase in Sheriff presence on the lake – which is great!  If you have concerns or wish to report issues, the Sheriff non-emergency number is 651-438-4700.  DO NOT try to approach or correct on your own, let the Sheriff’s department handle the matter.

Here is a map of the directional rules:

 There are boats speeding across the lake in the early morning hours.  What are the hour restrictions for no wake on the lake? 

The lake regulations are for no wake from sunset to 9 am. If there are issues, please report to the Dakota County Sheriff’s department at the non-emergency number.  651-438-4700  

For a complete listing of boating rules and regulations click here to go to Crystal Lake Improvement Association website.