Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board MeetingMay 4, 2022 – 7pm 

Present:  Dave Smith, Brian Carlson, Cheryl Leitschuh, Keith Kaestner, Paul Hillmer, Brooke Fox, Bob Johnston, Dave Perron

Absent:  Jeannine Currie, Colleen Nagel, Jay Jenkins, Mike Robole, Tom Harmening

  • Meeting called to order at 7:03
  • Those present spent time introducing themselves to each other.
  • Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

o    Governance 

  • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – unanimously approved
  • Treasurer’s report & vote – unanimously approved

o    Introduction of New Board Members (see above)

  • Neighborhood updates & member feedback
  • New houses up for sale/sold – nothing new to discuss
  • New feedback? – none

o     Upcoming Calendar Updates – Community clean-up on June 11

o     External Relations – Brian – question out to Caleb Ashling about when the buoys will go out, which has not been returned. 

o    Communications – Cheryl – nothing new other than a recent email to welcome/thank new/old board members

o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants.  J&N will conduct weed harvesting. A date will be selected for one-time weed pick-up one to two weeks after harvesting is complete. 

  • Follow-up discussion on algae contract and contractors – see below
  • DNR invasive species discussion and path forward – Brian and Mike – nothing new to report
  • EWM milfoil contract review – Mike is working on this

o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – no members present to discuss this. 

o    Social – nothing new to report.

  • New business & topics for future meetings
    • Other items from previous meetings – Nothing discussed
  • Election of Officers and Committee Assignments – members expressed their interests in various positions.
    • Dave nominated Brian for President – unanimously approved
    • Paul nominated Bob for Secretary – unanimously approved
    • Dave nominated Tom for Vice President – unanimously approved
    • Dave nominated Cheryl for Treasurer – unanimously approved
    • Brooke and Jeannine will handle social
    • Mike will lead weeds & algae with Dave and/or Paul and also handle web site
    • Dave/Bob will serve on fish mgmt.
    • Paul will handle communication


  • Transfer of Keys, Banking Info and G Drive Digital Approvals – will be handled by Dave, Keith, Cheryl, Brian
  • Various logistical concerns were discussed.
  • Paul asked Brian to discuss our new lake treatment vendor and what some of the changing dynamics are in this area.
  • Thanks expressed to Dave and Keith for their years of service on the board


  • Motion to adjourn – 8:08 – unanimously approved

Minutes respectfully submitted on 10 May, 2022 – Paul Hillmer, Secretary