Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

June 2, 2021 – 7pm 


Meeting called to order by Dave 7:04 pm

Meeting location – Keith Kaestner’s pontoon

Meeting attendees:      

Brian Carlson, Jeannine Currie, Paul Hillmer, Jay Jenkins, Keith Kaestner, Cheryl Leitschuh, Colleen Nagle, Mike Robole, Dave Smith

Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

  • Governance 
    • Previous meeting minutes approved unanimously.
    •  Treasurer’s report approved unanimously
    • Transition progress report – Kate circulated this in an email.  New members should review and bring questions. Dave received tutorial on Google Drive.
    • Ward updates & member feedback 
    • Members assigned to following wards: 
      • Jay – Ward 1
      • Paul – Ward 2
      • Mike – Ward 3
      • Keith – Ward 4
      • Brian – Ward 5
      • Colleen – Ward 6
      • Cheryl – Ward 7
      • Jeannine – Ward 8
      • Dave – Ward 9
  • Action Item for Dave – Update the manual for ward duties, resend everyone’s addresses
  • Page on the web site for registration of new members
  • Treasurer’s responsibility to enter information for new neighbors, keeping master email list up to date.


o    External Relations  – Brian reached out to Caleb, received copy of Blue Water Science study.  Probably will not be doing anything about Eurasian Millfoil this year.  Keith suggested it may be too soon to reach a definitive conclusion on that matter.

o    Communications – Working on division of labor.  Jeannine is monitoring email, will send reports to Dave weekly.  Mike and Cheryl will meet later to discuss the web site.  

o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants – Cutting still underway.  Algae treatment can’t take place until that is completed.  Lake management will do individual shores next Wednesday, weather permitting.  Analysis of algae situation will be followed by discussion between Keith and Lake Management.  Treatment next week possible.

  Grant signed – Keith suggested we lack clarity on when the money is available.  

  City Harvest Pickup Webform Update – Brian went back to Caleb for clarification.  It will be a one-time pick-up.  Members can sign up on a web form.  Brian will get the link once it’s live.

o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – Nothing new to report

o    Social – We need to finalize plans for the 4th of July.  Dave’s dock will serve as the “judging station.”  Gift cards for boat parade prizes need to be purchased.  Boat parade will be 6pm.

  • New business & topics for future meetings
    • Open discussion to outline goals and objectives for the 2021 board
    • Cheryl – We can choose to stock even if the DNR chooses not to.  Do we want to?  Do we want to develop a plan?
    • Jeannine – Should preview each month.  We’ll add the calendar to the agenda each month
    • Jeannine – Move the picnic earlier in the year (currently September, considering mid-June)
    • Jeannine – How can we better care for Pik Nik Island?
    • Keith – What if our annual meeting was a banquet (replacing the picnic)?  Raise dues to $100 to pay for it and to reinstate the weed rebate?

Cheryl reviewed what she would put in the newsletter

Motion to adjourn – unanimous vote at 8:10.