Minutes, Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting

February 7, 2023 – 7pm

Meeting Minutes

Present: Brian Carlson, Tom Harmening, Cheryl Leitschuh, Jeannine Currie, Paul Hillmer

Absent: Brooke Fox, Bob Johnston, Dave Perron, Mike Robole


  • Meeting called to order (Brian) at 7:03
  • Committee Updates and Ongoing Business
    • Governance (Brian/Cheryl/Tom/Bob)
      • Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes- unanimously approved
      • Treasurer’s report – unanimously approved
      • Neighborhood updates & member feedback – Number of neighbors asking where to turn now that Lake Management is not serving the lake.
      • New houses up for sale/sold house on Oak Shore back on the market.
      • New feedback
        • Brian received a note stating there is a program in Northern MN to remind ice fishermen to remove everything from the lake. Jeannine said she and her husband could make the rounds on our lake.
        • Re: monthly fee at the bank.  Our account is a “community business account” – no minimum balance required.  In January, with all the checks coming in, we were charged 20 cents per transaction after 20 transactions.  Hence the fee, but only for the month of January, perhaps February.  Board discussed and decided one-time expense not worth changing level of our checking account.
        • Permits – We have reached the number required for algae treatment. As of 2/9 we have 124 signed permits, 121 homeowners have paid dues.   Membership number is a little low compared to previous years.  We discussed the possibility of board members sending a note to everyone in their neighborhood.  Tom asked if we should consider prorating for late year membership.  Nothing was decided.
        • Algae treatment – Given Lake Management’s withdrawal from our area, the board discussed the best way to inform members of other possibilities. We decided a statement making it clear that mention of companies in no way constitutes an endorsement  of them should release us from liability.  Paul volunteered to draft a statement and send it out to board members prior to broader dissemination.
        • Brian said he would speak with Mike about the possible need for a WordPress plug-in or some other kind of step to weed out junk mail, bots, etc. from our web site/email address. He would also follow up with Mike about where we stand with preparation for our online directory.


  • External Relations (Tom)
    • The board noted there was no real feedback about the City’s work on Pik-Nik Island and hoped its work would improve conditions there. We also discussed Tom and Bob’s upcoming meeting with Daryl Jacobson regarding the water outlet project.  Tom noted that Daryl was planning to invite or at least speak to the City Engineer
  • Communications (Jeannine/Paul/Tom)
    • Brooke has proposed the following dates for clean-ups: May 6, July 8, Sept 9, all 9am. She requested and the board agreed that all dates should be announced immediately, with follow-up at the proper times.  A date for the annual picnic is yet to be determined.  The board remembered that they had already approved $30 for prizes for an ice-out contest.  It was decided the board would ask Brooke to write a description of the event to clarify how many prizes there would be.  In addition, it was decided the CLIA email address would be used to field entries for the contest.
  • Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants (Mike/Dave/Paul/)
    • Nothing to report. We did note that the City Council would choose the   harvester for lake weeds soon, and then would send a letter to residents.  Mike sent Brian the contract for treatment with Lake Restoration for review. 
  • Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals (Bob/Dave)
    • Nothing to report. The board noted Dave’s email saying he signed a contract with West Central Bait for two years of fish stocking.
  • Social (Brooke)
    • Discussed above under Communications.


  • New Business
    • Jeannine sent a note to her ward announcing the end of her term as board member. She may have a replacement for herself.  Cheryl and Brian will also send emails to their neighborhoods.
    • Annual Meeting – Each committee will present content from their area of responsibility. Board will do a dry run on April 4.
    • Remaining board members should review board job descriptions and prepare to orient new board members at the May board meeting. Paul noted he will be out of the country for the May meeting.


  • Meeting adjourned 7:57pm