Crystal Lake Improvement Association Board Meeting
December 1, 2021 – 7:00pm 

Location:  Lakeview Bank Boardroom
Present:  Dave Smith, Jeannine Currie, Colleen Nagle, Keith Kaestner, Mike Robole
Zoom: Brian Carlson and Paul Hillmer, Absent: Cheryl Leitschuh, Jay Jenkins

• Meeting called to order at 7:03pm

• Committee Updates & Ongoing Business

o    Governance 

•  Secretary’s review of prior meeting minutes & vote – approved unanimously 

•  Treasurer’s report & vote – members reviewed and approved. Motion made by Mike Robole and second motion made by Jeannine Currie, unanimously approved

•         How best to keep the member list?  Clarity still needed and governance committee to meet and discuss in more depth. Discussed a secured online version and a more frequent paper directory as viable options. Mike Robole volunteers to look into options of a secure online directory to see if that would be a good option for all. Do we need to establish a directory committee? Still being considered at this time. 

•  Neighborhood updates & member feedback – nothing new at this time to report

•  New houses up for sale/sold – No new updates

o    Upcoming Calendar Updates – No new updates

o    External Relations – Apply for Grant Application, start application process in January along with vendor approval, Brian Carlson to work on. Consider vendor options and research, Keith Kaestner and Brian Carlson to work on jointly. Typically in January there is a face to face meeting with City of Burnsville/Caleb, Dave will check in with the City to see if it will be an in person meeting or a zoom meeting format.

o    Communications – Cheryl is preparing the next newsletter and that will include, happy holidays to all, thin ice reminder, and notice that the annual dues/permit/update your contact information mailing will be sent USPS mail in January so be sure and look for it mid-January. 

o    Algae, Weeds & Aquatic Invasive Plants –No update at this time

o    Fish & Aquatic Invasive Animals – No report.

o    Social – Colleen – Nothing new to report

• New business & topics for future meetings: Annual letter and mailing for January meeting, also discussed including annual budget in mailing. Annual meeting date discussion and include save the date reminder in the mailing for the Annual meeting, Spring clean-up, 4th of July boat parade, information to be sorted and stuffed into envelopes at January board meeting to be hosted by Dave Smith. Dues letter, permit et al to be mailed after the January board meeting, Draft of annual letter to be sent out to board for comments mid-December and letter will then be finalized before the January board meeting. Suggested discussion for potential board candidates at January meeting. The term is up in 2022 for the following board members: Jay Jenkins, Keith Kaestner and Colleen Nagle. Discuss potential National Night Out and incorporate neighborhood ward event? Further discussion necessary.


o Motion to adjourn – Adjourned 7:50pm