When you rake your leaves into the lake or the street, they create more muck and algae?

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
8 months ago | October 7, 2022

That’s right!  You are not helping the lake environment if you rake your leaves into the street or the lake.  PLEASE take care of our lake and find other methods to dispose of your leaves.  

ALSO, if you see leaves on the storm sewers, clean them out BEFORE they end up in the lake.  Everything in the storm sewers around our lake goes INTO the lake.  Your help and attention to this is greatly appreciated.

Weed removal services are required to dispose of all plants on land?
Recently several companies have offered lake home owners a  new service promising to pull lake weeds “out by the root.”  When considering the use of such services, please be aware that any company performing such work is required to dispose of any plants they remove on land. Otherwise removed plants clog the lake, contribute to algae and muck, and wash up onto your neighbors’ shores.  Recent evidence strongly suggests at least some companies are not doing their due diligence in this regard.  If you employ a business providing this service, please ensure that they follow these regulations.