City of Burnsville Improves Trail

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
3 months ago | September 13, 2022

During his presentation at the CLIA annual meeting, City of Burnsville Natural Resource Specialist Caleb Ashling mentioned that the city would be doing a minor re-route on sections of the trail/footpath leading between the boat launch and the Tyacke Park dock.  Portions of the footpath have gotten very close to the shoreline, trampling vegetation that helps reduce shoreline erosion.  The city is currently working with a youth conservation corps crew to move a couple sections of the footpath a little farther from the shoreline.  The crew will be hand cutting in those new sections of trail, restoring the old section of trail with seed, planting an erosion blanket and fencing those areas off to reduce future foot traffic while they establish.   This work is being funded by a grant that was obtained for the City by the Soil and Water Conservation District.